dimanche 15 mai 2011

Bobby Glover - Bad Bobby Glover 1984 CD

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Bobby Glover hails from Ohio and made just this one solo record, "Bad Bobby Glover" in 1984. During the mid 70s in Hamilton, halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati, Roger Troutman and his family were getting started in the funk business and needed background singers for a succession groups that ultimately became Zapp. With the release of the album "Roger & The Human Body" in 1976 Bobby came on board in such a role and remained an integral part of the Troutman family machine both in the studio and on the road for over a decade. The music style here is distinctly funky and uniquely Zapp sounding with his original use electronic instruments fused with live horns and rhythms. On "Bad Bobby Glover" Maceo Parker makes a special guest appearance among the players, the songs on this album among Troutman's best and most accessible. "What Kind Of Lady" and "Your Spell" became singles in America, while "It's My Turn" remains a big UK soul record despite the album never being made available here before. More recently Bobby is in a group Funk Allegiance.

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