mercredi 18 mai 2011

B.T. Express 1976 - Energy to Burn 1980 CD

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Keith T. Brittain a dit…

While I like "Energy to Burn" (1976) and consider it a great bonus, I bought this collection on the strength of BT Express's all-time funk classic, "1980." The album erupts with four true funk juggernauts, "Takin' Off", "Heart Of Fire", "Does It Feel Good" and "Give Up The Funk" and doesn't let up from there for the remaining four tracks. I bought the original LP in 1980, and was so eager to have some of the songs on CD, I had a friend record a couple tracks from my vinyl copy onto a CD: "1980" is that good. But since April 2005, with this "two-fer" series, we now officially have it on CD. And as I've mentioned the first album on the disc, "Energy to Burn" is certainly no slouch and kept the momentum going after their successful "Do it (Till You're Satisfied)album (1974). Also check out Rhino's excellent "Best Of" compilation CD (1997). It's very good, plus it features a superb song, "Stretch", that was recorded for "1980", but inexplicably left off.

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